The Energy Storage System Association

The Energy Storage System Association (BVES) represents the interests of companies which are planning, building or are financing energy storage system technologies. Our primary focus is to build the future of the energy sector with storage as key in the areas of Power-to-X applications for industry, buildings and the transport sector. We support all technological solutions which are ensuring that the energy system is reliable and customer´s demand is served.

EU Working Group

Our EU Working Group is conducted in English in order to convey our message to key decision-makers at the EU Institutions – such as the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of the European Union –  as well as to governments at Member State level. The BVES  maintains a continuing dialogue with policy-makers to shape ideas and policy processes towards the European Institutions (Council of the European Union, European Commission, European Parliament).

Transformation of the energy system

Transforming our energy system is the vital challenge of our time.  In order to guarantee the security of supply in our energy system, we need market and system integration of renewable energies. Storage technologies facilitate the transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to a decarbonised economy.  They create flexibility in the market. Our objective is therefore to provide a business platform for the storage industry and the surrounding service industries such as insurance and finance.

Business intelligence and business network

We provide our members with business intelligence so that they leverage on our expertise to develop their business strategy. We are also working on norms and standards in order to ensure that safety standards are developed and applied within the European market.

We offer an exclusive business network  for the top players in the storage market. Members of our Association include companies from all sectors related to energy storage: manufacturers, project developers, system integrators, consultancies, banks, investors and insurance companies as well as research institutes.


Markus Rosenthal, Head of Policy and Regulation: m.rosenthal[at]