Webinar: pv magazine Storage Highlights Ceremony 2020

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pv magazine Storage Highlights Ceremony 2020

The five Gigawatt Winners will pitch their winning applications to the expert jury panel with a subsequent discussion by the independent leading analysts. We look forward to a scintillating discussion surrounding storage technologies and how they can decarbonize the industry and accelerate the energy transition.

Bernhard Rindt, CEO of egrid, will showcase on behalf of their partner ADS-TEC how the two companies have developed a method of arranging medium-sized storage systems within a distribution network and operating them as a swarm so that they can offer a wide range of services.

Areva H2Gen’s Project Manager PEM Electrolysis & Hydrogen Infrastructure Julius Holsten will present the new project for hydrogen production and grid stabilization and its promise for a new direction in the development of large-scale proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis.

Thomas Chrometzka is Head of Stragety at Enapter and will talk about how Enapter wants to produce low-cost, distributed green hydrogen.

Cornelius Armbruster, Project Manager Efficient and High-Frequency Power Electronics, at Fraunhofer ISE, will discuss how their project tackles challenges with PV storage systems and underlines the crucial role of power electronics.

Sonnen’s Country Director DACH, Sascha Koppe, will present a business model that makes switching to an electric car easy and advances the market for storage systems. In focus will also be the company’s virtual power plant, which operates a high number of residential storage systems on the market for primary balancing power.

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